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Our story
Empowering women to awaken their best

Over the last 30 years we’ve spent helping millions of people with their sleep, we’ve witnessed systemic problems that undermine women’s experiences within the sleep healthcare system.

We’ve seen many women at different stages of life – from puberty, through pregnancy and motherhood, to menopause and beyond – struggle to get their sleep complaints taken seriously. Some may have their sleep issues dismissed, overlooked or attributed to being “normal”, or “to be expected”. Others with conditions such as sleep apnea may be prescribed sleeping pills or misdiagnosed with depression for years before being properly diagnosed, or not diagnosed at all.

We want to change this and ensure that women with sleep issues receive the acknowledgment, resources and support they need to feel genuinely seen, heard, and cared for, finally. And ultimately empower them to awaken their best through better sleep.

We have three driving beliefs. We believe that sleep is vital to well-being and that women should be encouraged to care about their sleep, not discouraged. That doing so should be easy, accessible and convenient. And that to truly empower women to awaken their best through better sleep, we need to look at the whole woman, their big picture, and start with the causes, not just symptoms.

This is why we created Rivi™ by ResMed, a personalised sleep health pathway. Designed holistically for women, delivered wherever you’re at.

Our mission

To deliver a transformative sleep health experience for women that is easy, personalised, and effective.


DrLullaby offers personalised, evidence-based insomnia therapy through their innovative hybrid approach that combines telehealth and digital health. Their dedicated team of sleep psychologists have received extensive training from a board-certified Behavioural Sleep Medicine specialist to bring you the most effective, researched methods for improving your sleep.

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